2012-11-28T17:29:00-05:00 Dangerous Power G5

Nov 27, 2012  Dangerous Power G5's are on the way.  The latest from Dangerous Power are coming to Aim Hard and X Fire Paintball and should arrive within a week. 

This newest marker comes with a new aluminum (not cheap nylon or plastic) trigger frame called the "Stinger". This sleek low pressure frame provides direct through-the-grip air to the gun without the usual ASA to gun hose. The Wave trigger itself is also aluminum and has a magnetic breakaway system and allows for 3-axis adjustments.

Additionally the gun comes with a 7 stationary O-ring Riptide regulator to take the pressure down to the internal operating pressure of an efficient low pressure (just 180 psi) that runs the efficient subsonic bolt engine that has a multi ported concave front.

To top it all off the G5 has a low profile clamping feedneck.

The G5 comes in six colors - Black, Brown, Silver, Red, Blue and Green. It is a beautiful addition to the Dangerous Power product line.